In October 2013, Konecta was appointed by Vodafone to takeover the management of Vodafone’s vendor site in Valladolid (Spain), involving 1,400 employees. Our commitment to Vodafone was to perform this migration without impacting operations and customer service and to transfer employees from the current service provider to a purpose built Konecta site in Valladolid, Spain. This was a time-sensitive, complex project, as it included the development of new premises and management of very large TUPE process under Spanish Law.


Konecta created a dedicated project team to lead this process and companies’ directors were designated as stakeholders in this project, and were updated during regular project board meetings.

The key deliverables were quickly identifed, along with their associated risks, owners and timelines in the most important affected areas; Operations (including quality), HR, IT, Procurement, and Legal.

Konecta worked to a precise timeline in order to meet the challenging milestones. We engaged in robust negotiations with other Vodafone vendors, to successfully deliver the migration of these services to a new Konecta site in Valladolid. Konecta was able to facilitate growth with Vodafone and consolidate 3 sites into one large site located near the city centre, thereby creating greater efficiencies and enhanced performance. Konecta implemented this transition in a high effective manner, developing excellent relationships with trade unions and local government agencies.


The success of this major transition was due to our overall commitment, the experience of our project team and the management model deployed, supported by:

  • Excellent communication and transparency.
  • Flexibility of management team, who were relocated to the new site.
  • Comprehensive measurement and analysis of gaps during the transition process.
  • Highly eective training and coaching programs.
  • Focusing on customer-centric models.
  • The introduction of people engagement and motivational programmes.
  • An open and honest approach to all staff.

The successful delivery of this complex project demonstrates our ability to deliver a large-scale service migration in line with a changing business focus and strategy. We improved KPIs and SLAs from the outset, applying our proven operational procedures, coupled with open communication at every level across Konecta and within Vodafone. Our highly experienced management team was also crucial in shaping and enhancing the customer experience.

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