Business Responsibility - We put our faith in Sustainable Development

K onecta adopts Business Responsibility as a shared value, in which the search for profitability goes hand-in-hand with a contribution to benefit and wellbeing of society. We include it as a core principle in our business objectives, as we are committed to a sustainable growth model that helps to improve our competitiveness, whilst providing value to all our stakeholders.

Embracing and deploying an inclusive Sustainability and Business Responsibility policy has many inherent benefits: it helps to improve competitiveness; it encourages equal opportunities and the promotion of talent; and it supports the creation of jobs for individuals from groups at risk of exclusion, in addition to strengthening the commitment of companies to transparency.

Konecta has therefore designed a strategy that aims to identify and respond to the needs and concerns brought forward by our stakeholders.

Konecta Foundation: Integrity, our core value

Ever since its creation Konecta has undertaken a social commitment linked to its business activities. With this philosophy in mind we have focussed our efforts on supporting the social and occupational integration of vulnerable groups at risk of exclusión, promoting equality and respect for diversity. This approach has been carried out across all areas of our business and combines the efforts of other public and private entities that are working towards the same ideals.

In 2005 we created Konecta Foundation with the aim of channelling our social activities and to create alliances that magnify the effect of the initiatives we undertake. Throughout our development we have invested over 8 million euros, which has generated more than 12,000 beneficiaries. Of these, over 5,000 individuals at risk of exclusion have found employment, including victims of gender violence and terrorism, disabled people and those aged over 55.

One of the key objectives is to be an agent of change and to generate opportunities to improve awareness and increase our contribution to society. Our commitment is helping people in need and generating social value.

Responsible Business for a more sustainable world

The team, our main asset

    • Our main competitive value is the direct relationship we have created between the business objectives and the management of our people; our employees are the key to Konecta’s ongoing success.
    • We therefore devote considerable effort to the capture, development and retention of talent by providing a challenging, but enjoyable work environment that brings together different professional profiles to create highly effective teams.
    • We defend equal opportunities and provide fair employment environments in which all individuals are given the same opportunities to develop their skills in order to achieve their personal potential and improve their quality of life.

A safe and healthy work environment

We operate with the objective of creating a work environment that protects, encourages and supports the full physical, mental and social wellbeing of our employees analysing important aspects as innovation, motivation and identification with the company, as well as personal satisfaction after a job well done.


Our principles of action

    • Konecta has a General Code of Conduct in place that is applicable to everyone who works for us; it brings together the general principles and rules of conduct that need to be followed by Konecta employees when carrying out their daily activities.
    • To help put actions into practice we have established a channel of communication that encourages anyone who becomes aware of an event or behaviour contrary to the Code of Conduct to notify the Compliance Committee, which after the appropriate investigation has been undertaken, will take the appropriate measures.
    • The Code of Conduct of Suppliers is considered as an extensión of Konecta’s General Code of Conduct and its aim is to lay down the minimun guidelines that suppliers must follow in order to carry out their activities in a satisfactory manner, declaring their commitment to basic principles of ethics and professional conduct.

Continuous improvement model

    • Konecta has designed, implemented and operates a certified Quality Management Standard that complies with the requirements of the UNE-EN ISO 9001 international standard. The system is based on continuous improvement and establishes comprehensive controls on the processes of the “designing and management of multichannel customer contact centres, telephone repayment management and back-office services”.
    • Quality standards are managed in real time by monitoring and auditing of services, which detect incidents and enable preventive action to be undertaken.

Commitment to the environment

We recognise the importance of the contribution that both companies and people make towards achieving sustainable development and at Konecta we are committed to improving our environmental behaviour, wherever possible.

In order to control the impact our business has on the environment, we have implemented an Environmental Management System that fully complies with the requirements of standard UNE-EN ISO 14001. The system includes processes and strategies to restrict greenhouse gas emissions, with the aim of reducing Konecta’s overall Carbon Footprint.

Equally, we are working hard on creating personnel awareness on behalf of all Konecta employees by actively promoting efficient use of water and energy and the recycling of waste, together with a sensible attitude towards the use of paper.


Sustainable value chain

At Konecta we appreciate that responsible management is only possible with the involvement of all our stakeholders. To support this approach and to encourage input from our partners, we have set up a Purchase Portal that encourages our suppliers to adopt the common objective of improving quality and including sustainability criteria throughout the value chain.