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Since its formation in 2008, Konecta UK has been providing leading contact centre solutions in the UK, offering our clients a unique partnership in the provision of multi-channel customer contact services across the entire customer relationship lifecycle.

Our service provision includes a comprehensive range of customer care solutions that increases customer loyalty and by streamlining processes, reduces operating costs, which allows our clients to focus on their core businesses. Our expertise in delivering high quality customer management solutions all contact channels, includes customer service, revenue generation through retention and acquisition, back-office support and collection services.

We provide innovative solutions with cost-effective pricing models that create genuine value for our clients. Our philosophy is to re-establish the concept of “brand ambassadors” and we do this by developing our employees to take full ownership in order to deliver enhanced customer experiences.

Konecta UK has a highly flexible operating model that is able to provide scalable resourcing solutions, enabling us to meet the fluctuating business demands of our business partners.

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Konecta – Glasgow
Commonwealth House
16 Albion Street
Glasgow G1 1LH

+44 141 548 6300

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Konecta UK’s facility is strategically located in the merchant district of Glasgow:


  • Global experience – Local solutions
  • Cost-effective price models
  • Flexible, adaptable & scalable operation
  • Secure and innovative technology

      • Wide industry/vertical experience
      • Transparent & flexible commercial approach
      • Excellent location with access to high quality staff
      • Professional internal recruitment processes

  • Interactive & engaging training programmes
  • Experience of operating in highly regulated industries
  • Provision of data analytics and business intelligence insight

Our People: The heart of our business is our people

Konecta’s philosophy is “Excellence through its People”, and we work with the belief that you are the most important part of what we do.

This commitment to excellence has driven us to ensure that every member of staff experiences positive and engaging training and development in their role and that our recruitment process is as fluid and easy as possible. We understand that having people who are committed to providing the highest standard of service, and who deliver success for our clients and our business is key to helping grow our team of highly skilled, capable and motivated staff.

Our approach is about getting it right from the beginning; therefore, our teams are be carefully selected to ensure they have the appropriate skills to deliver an exceptional performance, while building fantastic customer relationships in a positive and progressive working environment.

As a new member of our team, Konecta will ensure that you are fully trained and given continuous coaching and developed to ensure that you have excellent telephone skills, are extremely customer focused and understand the importance of delivering on your objectives.

We believe that it is necessary to create a culture of openness, honesty and continuous improvement. In order to achieve this, Konecta empowers all of our people to be involved in making decisions that affect their working environment; by being accountable for their work and having a clear understanding of the contribution they make.

Konecta offers a vibrant, safe and inclusive workplace environment; where equality, leadership, social commitment and dedication is rewarded within a family culture.

If you would like to join Konecta in delivering a level of customer service that you can truly be proud of, click here to view all of our current vacancies.


GPG Reporting

Fully Accredited


To provide high level multilingual services Konecta offers four separate options with slightly different characteristics such as Pan European solutions:


Provides effective offshore and nearshore solutions adapting schedule and staffing to serve different countries and cover the time zones, including North American services and supported by billingual and multicultural teams.


Provides a robust solution due to its reduced cost and has an increasing number of European & African communities.


Offers a global multilingual solution with large numbers of worldwide language capabilities and individuals with high education levels, especially from Europe, Asia and Africa.


Provides a perfect balance of highly specialised/expert resources with a reduced cost and provides services into several languages including English, French, Spanish and Arabic.


Konecta’s quality team is fully dedicated to monitoring agent performance, customer feedback and product trends. Using their knowledge and expertise we implement pro-active daily, weekly and monthly strategies to ensure continuous customer & employee satisfaction. Our quality team is in regular communication with our recruitment, training, operational and compliance teams to offer support, advise on any concerns, promote areas for improvement and to recognise outstanding performance. Konecta has developed personalised tools that help us identify, measure, resolve, reward and succeed.



Our quality team will conduct a number of assessments every week across all Advisors to measure the quality of work against the pre-agreed quality measurement targets with our Client.



Listening and assessing previous customer interactions is a key aspect of our Quality Assurance process. Konecta undertakes live ‘side-by-side’ and remote monitoring with all our client Advisors.



Feedback from our clients’ customers form a fundamental part of an on-going development strategy to ensure that we deliver the best customer experience posible.



Advisors monitor and critique their own performance and openly identify under-performance or shortfalls in themselves. Konecta works closely with each individual to gradually improve on the areas identified and agree a plan of action to make improvements.

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