Creating value with personalized solutions

In October 2002 Konecta initiated its process of international expansion with the inauguration of a platform in Lisbon. In Portugal the company currently combines its considerable recognised international experience with the best corporate practices and the knowledge of our team of professionals so as to contribute this strategic vision to the local needs of our customers, adapting the services to their various requirements.

Throughout these years, with the exploitation of the knowhow globally acquired in the management and externalization of business processes (BPO), from Konecta Portugal we provide specialised solutions for the various sectors with particular emphasis on finance, insurance, telecommunications, utilities, consumption and technology

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Konecta has grown in Portugal in a sustained manner, creating value for our portfolio of both local and global customers based on a business strategy focussing on technology, the professionalization of our staff, and flexibility to provide custom solutions to the brand requirements

Over 2,000,000 calls managed with final clients each year

The key to our competitiveness is flexibility and our capacity to innovate, which is represented by the following mainstays:

  • Strong corporate muscle with almost two decades of experience and financial solidity. Knowledge of the market, major multinational accounts, important investments and a constant bid for development and technological updating, solid processes of recruiting, training, and excellence and operational quality.

  • The capacity to adapt to our clients’ needs, combining objectives and results so as to exceed their expectations.

Competitive Advantages

  • Services of excellence in front- and back-office areas
  • Multichannel Contact Centre
  • Multilingual installations and services
  • Permanent follow-up of agents and customers
  • Modern infrastructures incorporating the latest technologies

  • Development of the human capital potential
  • Consultancy and training services
  • Recruitment and dynamic selection processes
  • Quality and continuous improvement

Multilingual Pan-European, Offshore, and Nearshore services

For multilingual services Konecta offers Pan-European solutions from 4 countries:


Portugal (Lisbon)

It offers efficient offshore and nearshore solutions, adapting the planning of its personnel to the timetables of the countries that are the destinations of the service, such as the North American countries (USA-Canada). The subsidiary has bilingual and multicultural teams.


Spain (Barcelona and Madrid)

It offers global and diversified solutions owing to its being open to European, African, and Asian communities.


United Kingdom (London and Glasgow)

It offers multilingual solutions owing to the large number of professionals with a high level of training from all over the world who establish themselves here.


Morocco (Casablanca)

It offers the best value for money with highly qualified and specialized work teams, at both a linguistic and formative-university level.


Tel: +351 213 00 20 69




Quality Management System certificated ISO 9001, since 2014


PCI – DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Certificate)


Members of the Contact Centers’ Portuguese Association (APCC)

Certification as Life and Non-Life Insurance Agent

Nº 416437679


Aware of the role that is played by any company in society, we concentrate our sustainability strategy on both the social dimension of our own employees and of the society in general. As such, we undertake a range of activities and actions to guarantee good corporate government and the protection of the environment.

Responsible Business

Our business model aims to maximize the creation of shared value, both for the company and for our groups of interest and the communities in which we carry out our operations. To ensure this philosophy is successful, we implement management practices based on profitability, innovation, equal opportunities, ethics and sustainability.

Social Dimension

We develop measures to guarantee: equality within our organization, the integration of people at risk from social exclusion, health and safety at work, and also the management of the talent of our professionals. From an external point of view, thanks to Konecta Foundation, we assume our role as a caring corporate citizen and are actively committed to the sustainable development of our company.


We adopt and maintain a commitment to improving environmental policies and behaviour. This is demonstrated by a range of measures we have implemented, including an aim of reducing energy, paper, and toner consumption throughout the company, together with continuous actions to make our employees aware of the importance of their contribution in the preservation of all the environments in which we operate.