Our philosophy: excellent customer service

Morocco combines all ingredients for successful nearshore/offshore operations: full stability, prominent location, modern infrastructure, abundant workforce, plentiful French language resources and a location that has a true contact centre culture.

Since starting its first operation in 2006, Konecta has played an important part in the promotion of Morocco as an ideal nearshore destination for outsourced services.

Konecta Morocco offers its services in a dynamic, efficient and flexible manner with management focussing on results, guaranteeing its clients optimum services at very competitive prices. In order to do so we have installations equipped with the latest technological and security devices to guarantee our customers maximum efficiency and productivity.

Moreover, the company proposes a global Onshore-Nearshore-Offshore offer based on expertise of over 10 years in managing solutions from Morocco with a varied offer of services for different sectors of activity.

Our values are based on participative management so as to strengthen the sense of involvement with our clients

4 reasons to choose Konecta

  • High skilled people with experience and a culture of providing excellent customer experiences.
  • Cutting-edge technical solutions at competitive prices.

  • The successes achieved during our development in the country, supported by Konecta’s international experience.
  • A strategic location in the best business area of the Kingdom of Morocco.

Our People, the heart of Konecta

Konecta’s philosophy is based on delivering “excellent customer service”. With this objective in mind, we have developed and deploy strategies to ensure best practices in recruiting, training and performance management, ensuring we are able to attract, employ and retain the best people in the industry.

Our teams of highly skilled, experienced, and motivated employees are fully integrated with the needs of each client; ensuring that we are fully able to meet their needs and expectations.

Konecta offers a dynamic and safe work environment, with equal opportunities for all employees and in which involvement and social commitment are rewarded.

We promote an open and integrated culture of continuous improvement, encouraging and facilitating participation from individuals at all levels within our organisation. This includes the making of decisions on the work environment, giving the responsibility for and promoting awareness of the contributions that are required

Multilingual Pan-European, Offshore, and Nearshore services

For multilingual services Konecta offers Pan-European solutions from 4 countries:


Portugal (Lisbon)

It offers efficient offshore and nearshore solutions, adapting the planning of its personnel to the timetables of the countries that are the destinations of the service, such as the North American countries (USA-Canada). The subsidiary has bilingual and multicultural teams.


Spain (Barcelona and Madrid)

It offers global and diversified solutions owing to its being open to European, African, and Asian communities.


United Kingdom (London and Glasgow)

It offers multilingual solutions owing to the large number of professionals with a high level of training from all over the world who establish themselves here.


Morocco (Casablanca)

It offers the best value for money with highly qualified and specialized work teams, at both a linguistic and formative-university level.


As an ISO 9001 accredited organisation, the methodology we deploy follows the requirements defined within this standard. This includes specific procedures and documentation pertaining to each and every one of our client operations. Performance monitoring tools and reports are exclusively designed to fit the platform and type of service, thus ensuring accuracy and appropriateness of results and complete compliance to the requirements agreed. With an embedded culture of continual improvement, all performances and processes are under constant review, and where necessary, modifications will be proposed and implemented. Konecta’s philosophy towards Quality is simple, but follows a systematic approach:

Work in partnership with our clients to understand what ‘quality’ means to them (and their customers).

Define and agree an accurate and fair, but bespoke process of measurement.

Complement it with any existing successful procedures that our clients already use.

Develop and deliver insightful MI and reporting.

Regularly review and refine (if necessary) the Quality Management process.

Always retain the customer experience at the heart of everything we do.

Specific quality assurance activities:

Monitoring of recordings
Our quality team proceeds to carry out assessments regarding frequency, number, regularity, etc.as agreed with and by our clients.

Monitoring in real time
We undertake live listening activities in order to detect possible shortfalls and to implement development strategies to improve communication and engagement with customers. Listening to live calls also enables us to compliment our people where they have performed above expectations.

Customer surveys
We carry out regular Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) surveys and utilise a variety of channels to gather this information. The surveys can take many formats and every client has a different objective for measuring CSAT, but generally, they are seeking feedback from customers on how services can be improved.

Internal assessments
We operate an agent self-assessment process that has proved to be a very successful way of identifying shortfalls and implementing new processes to ensure service improvements. The agents themselves assess and appraise their own performance using a self-diagnosis measurement tool and has led to significant individual improvement when it has been deployed.


Tel: +212 05 20 300 660
Fax: +212 05 20 300 661



Aware of the role that is played by any company in society, we concentrate our sustainability strategy on both the social dimension of our own employees and of the society in general. As such, we undertake a range of activities and actions to guarantee good corporate government and the protection of the environment.

Responsible Business

Our business model aims to maximize the creation of shared value, both for the company and for our groups of interest and the communities in which we carry out our operations. To ensure this philosophy is successful, we implement management practices based on profitability, innovation, equal opportunities, ethics and sustainability.

Social Dimension

We develop measures to guarantee: equality within our organization, the integration of people at risk from social exclusion, health and safety at work, and also the management of the talent of our professionals. From an external point of view, thanks to Konecta Foundation, we assume our role as a caring corporate citizen and are actively committed to the sustainable development of our company.


We adopt and maintain a commitment to improving environmental policies and behaviour. This is demonstrated by a range of measures we have implemented, including an aim of reducing energy, paper, and toner consumption throughout the company, together with continuous actions to make our employees aware of the importance of their contribution in the preservation of all the environments in which we operate.