A competitive proposal of high added value

Konecta started its activities in Chile in September 2006 by taking over part of an operation managed by the Synapsis Group. By 2007 we had opened our first contact centre, with 243 positions, in the centre of Santiago.

Owing to the sustained growth of our business and to support the increased operational delivery requirements, in 2012 we transferred our headquarters to our current installations in Rodrigo de Araya. This modern platform has been designed to meet recognised international standards, with the highest standards of infrastructure and state-of-the-art technology for Contact Centres.

Our strategic objectives are founded on delivering cost efficient solution, optimizing the interaction between our client and its target market, achieving high levels of satisfaction of brands and delivering outstanding customer experience.

To meet these key objectives Konecta has developed a proven operating model that is underpinned by demanding quality parameters. Utilising the accumulated knowledge we have gained in the countries in which we are present, we transfer the best practices and innovations we have developed to our operational teams, adapting the global knowledge to meet the needs of the local team, enabling us to implement tailored solutions on behalf of our clients.

Our organizational culture is based on respect for and the commitment to the development of our people through an inclusive human resources management programme. This has allowed us to have one of the lowest attrition rates of the Contact Centre market and means our highly motivated staff are ready to provide our clients and their customers with unparalleled levels of service.

We promote continuous development training by providing extensive levels of support to our resources, which enables us to motivate, retain and encourage talent across all roles within Konecta. An example of this is the programme of the exchanging of key workers between operations and countries, allowing individuals to experience different cultures and to learn new skills from their colleagues.

As part of our continuing social responsibility commitment, at Konecta Chile we have set up a project to train and integrate a number of physically disabled individuals into Contact Centre team.


Being aware of its commitment to its Groups of Interest and the environment,
Konecta Chile has established a Quality Management System based on
the ISO 9001 standard with the aim of:

  • Delivering solutions that meet clients’ and their customers’ expectations. Identifying and ensuring the internal communication of these requirements.
  • Ensuring all services operate within a Quality control system to ensure agreed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are achieved.

  • Complying with applicable legislation and regulations and meeting any other client specific requirements.
  • Maintaining permanent contact with clients and partners with the objective of collaborating jointly to improve the services provided.

These commitments take the form of specific objectives and goals as part of
a process of continuous improvement in accordance with our Business Responsibility strategy.

Portfolio of Services


Leadership in the Utilities sector

Proven expertise in meeting highly variable demands through the implementation of bespoke solutions for each client, enabling us to achieve the service levels required at a competitive cost.

Implementation of KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) in the Banking sector

Our wide experience in this industry allows us to identify the critical processes required to capture, support and consolidate the end users within the banking sector. Konecta has successfully built a team of financial specialists familiar with the industry best practices at a global level.

Specialised services for the Telecommunications sector

We generate added value strategies for our clients that continuously increase levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty to the client brand.

Speed in the implementation of projects

We are able to react quickly and can deploy high-performance teams to commence the implementation of a project almost immediately. This allows us to deliver excellent short-term results with the permanent support of our state-of-the-art technological platform and the flexibility to respond rapidly to our clients’ requirements.


  • Subway station Rodrigo de Araya.
  • Busses: 511 – 210 – 210V – F30N.

+56 2 23992001

+56 2 2399 2025
+56 2 2399 2012



Certificación UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008 - ER-104/2013

Certification UNE-EN ISO 9001 since 2013

Associations with which we collaborate


ACEC (Chilean Call Center Association)


SCC (Santiago Chamber of Commerce)


Aware of the role that is played by any company in society, we concentrate our sustainability strategy on both the social dimension of our own employees and of the society in general. As such, we undertake a range of activities and actions to guarantee good corporate government and the protection of the environment.

Responsible Business

Our business model aims to maximize the creation of shared value, both for the company and for our groups of interest and the communities in which we carry out our operations. To ensure this philosophy is successful, we implement management practices based on profitability, innovation, equal opportunities, ethics and sustainability.

Social Dimension

We develop measures to guarantee: equality within our organization, the integration of people at risk from social exclusion, health and safety at work, and also the management of the talent of our professionals. From an external point of view, thanks to Konecta Foundation, we assume our role as a caring corporate citizen and are actively committed to the sustainable development of our company.


We adopt and maintain a commitment to improving environmental policies and behaviour. This is demonstrated by a range of measures we have implemented, including an aim of reducing energy, paper, and toner consumption throughout the company, together with continuous actions to make our employees aware of the importance of their contribution in the preservation of all the environments in which we operate.