New results-orientated technological solutions

Konecta Brazil was created in 2013 and provides a complete range of outsourced solutions within its overall proposition of offering value-added services. We design and implement complete end-to-end multichannel solutions to meet the demands of our clients. We operate with a team of highly experienced professionals, who adopt the clients’ objectives and values as their own. This philosophy and commitment ensures we build exceptional relationships with our clients and create outstanding customer experiences for end users.

We are passionate about supporting and developing our local clients by offering a choice of geographical locations for delivery, from our operational centres across the continent.

Through our Sustainability and Business Responsibility policy we adopt a sincere commitment to the communities where we operate. This is a fundamental part of our core values and Konecta assumes a leading position in the country by promoting the inclusion and the diversity of our employees, ensuring that all individuals are treated fairly and with respect at all times. We also adopt a proactive approach to the integration of individuals with physical disabilities; adapting our operational facilities to meet their specific requirements

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Competitive advantages

The capacity to adapt to the needs of our clients and their customers.

A highly qualified team of experienced professionals.

Deployment of the best international practices of quality and efficiency.

Leading-edge technology focussing on innovation and security.

Excellent location and infrastructure.

Social integration to create values of solidarity and commitment.

Technology and innovation

At Konecta Brazil we are recognised for innovation and the application of new technological solutions designed to achieve outstanding results and to deliver added value. Konecta has also built its own team of highly-skilled developers that are able to create custom solutions for each client and campaign in order to meet their particular needs.

Building an internal team of specialist developers has allowed us to work with a number of high level partners across a number of different industry sectors such as banking, insurance and telecommunications. We are able to deliver a diverse set of solutions and services, including specialized receipt of cards, collection, active sales and back office. We are experts in the analysis, management and optimization of the data used in outbound services and in the application of Business Intelligence tools to improve contactability and results.

Our People

The people we employ and the care we provide for them forms the basis of our success. We have work hard to cultivate a strategy that enables us to detect, develop and support individual talent within Konecta, resulting in approximately 60% of our managers being appointed through promotion.

The high specialisation of our professionals is the result of rigorous selection and the quality of our comprehensive training programme that is designed to improve the development of skills, as well as improving knowledge in task-related activity. Our modern contact centres have been built to support advanced technology that enables us to create innovative solutions and provide maximum quality and service levels on behalf of our clients.


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Aware of the role that is played by any company in society, we concentrate our sustainability strategy on both the social dimension of our own employees and of the society in general. As such, we undertake a range of activities and actions to guarantee good corporate government and the protection of the environment.

Responsible Business

Our business model aims to maximize the creation of shared value, both for the company and for our groups of interest and the communities in which we carry out our operations. To ensure this philosophy is successful, we implement management practices based on profitability, innovation, equal opportunities, ethics and sustainability.

Social Dimension

We develop measures to guarantee: equality within our organization, the integration of people at risk from social exclusion, health and safety at work, and also the management of the talent of our professionals. From an external point of view, thanks to Konecta Foundation, we assume our role as a caring corporate citizen and are actively committed to the sustainable development of our company.


We adopt and maintain a commitment to improving environmental policies and behaviour. This is demonstrated by a range of measures we have implemented, including an aim of reducing energy, paper, and toner consumption throughout the company, together with continuous actions to make our employees aware of the importance of their contribution in the preservation of all the environments in which we operate.