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Konecta has been operating in Argentina since 2007 and provides specialised BPO and contact centre services to both Spanish and international clients, offering strategic custom outsourcing solutions that allow us to stand out in a highly competitive market.

High value results and the generation of long-term relationships have enabled us to grow and develop strong relationships with our partners and clients, together with external recognition as a valued brand.

In 2016 Konecta acquired Allus Global BPO Centre, uniting the strengths of both companies to become a world player of the Customer Relationship industry, with presence and services covering more than 10 countries: Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, the United Kingdom and Morocco.

We are now positioned as one of the leading providers within the BPO sector across Latin America and at the forefront of 3.0 services, customer experience and social networks.

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Business Model

World-class operations.

Strong emphasis on our people: Selecting, Training, and Retaining the best professionals.

The use of technology to provide enhanced services and improved interactions with customers.

Process re-engineering model that helps to improve productivity and to reduce the cost per interaction.

Providing a memorable service experience for customers and delivering the highest level of satisfaction via Konecta’s proven operating model.

Key Strengths

Konecta has used its experience to evolve from a provider of standard Contact Centre services into a partner that delivers a full Customer Relationship Centre, offering memorable service experiences to its clients and final users.

The result is a new generation of solutions created specifically for companies to properly serve their customers, designed to manage the complete cycle of its business processes. This approach to process management is adjusted to meet the constant changes and contrasting needs of both national and international clients, and allows them to build long-lasting relationships with their customers based on true added value.

After its experience of providing dynamic outsourced solutions for the Spanish and international markets, Konecta Argentina has capitalized on its deep knowledge of the industry landscape and understands the needs of companies, the expectations of customers, and how to develop strong partnerships with collaborators. We regularly undertake systematic 360° analysis of the market trends, which has allowed us to build significant insight of the BPO industry within a global context.

As a result, Konecta is able to implement solutions that are built on this knowledge and enables us to undertake planning with real clarity and make decisions with a view to the needs and future requirements of our clients and their customers.

Konecta recognises that as part of its service offering, providing enhanced Customer Experience is fundamental to our success and the success of our clients. We have led the advancing of these services in the region with the development of EPIRON, the first omni-channel management software; enabling us to become the only Contact Centre in the world with a COPC GMD certificate for all its social media operations.

The evolution towards an omni-channel strategy and social networks allows Konecta in Argentina to combine all the end-to-end solutions required on a single service platform, as allowing us to support and enhance client-customer relationships. This is achieved by combining investigation, diagnosis and knowledge to deliver memorable levels of service and great experiences for customers.

What differentiates us

  • Our world-class operating model based on the COPC standard; recognised as the leading benchmark in the Contact Centre and BPO industry.
  • Depth and breadth of knowledge, based on the experience of delivering complex services across the globe.
  • Leading-edge technology that provides innovative and enhanced services.
  • Our diverse number of clients, including high profile international brands from a range of different industry sectors.
  • Extensive experience of delivering dynamic multichannel solutions.

  • Our People Management Model, certified under the COPC standard, which promotes high levels of employee engagement, resulting in improved operating efficiency.
  • Our proven operating and quality control models that continually deliver increased levels of Customer Satisfaction.
  • The implementation of robust policies that provide stringent controls for security management and the protection of data.
  • Emphasis on quality, coupled with a focus on delivering enhanced Customer Experience within a true Relationship Model.


Contact Córdoba:
Tel: +54 351 426 66 01
Tel: +54 351 426 66 14

Contact Resistencia Chaco:
Tel: + 54 362 467 02 00

Contact Buenos Aires:
Tel: +54 11 0800 34 56 001

Contact Mendoza:
Tel: + 54 261 476 00 50


Our People

In Argentina, our people are the heart of our business and the whole team committed to generating memorable customer experiences.

From the outset we have worked to promote an atmosphere of participation, innovation and teamwork, creating our people management strategy with a view to meet and overcome all challenges, allowing us to be a leading company that is constantly evolving. At Konecta we seek to develop the maximum potential of our employees; offering career development opportunities wherever possible, whilst at the same time taking care of their wellbeing and motivation.

Our goal is transform the business through our people. To do so, we strengthen actions designed to improve the personal and professional growth of our team.

In order to achieve this we have consolidated our people management strategy by:

  • Involving the leaders of the organization in the performance and wellbeing of its teams as a new objective in the exercising of its leadership.
  • The implementation of programmes of motivation, loyalty and incentives that encourage the wellbeing of our people in a work atmosphere of great satisfaction, belonging and retention.
  • Providing personal and professional development opportunities, outside of standard training programmes, including career planning and equity and gender equality policies.
  • Making available various channels and communication formats so our people are permanently interconnected and informed of what is happening across Konecta and being able to give their own feedback and opinions.


Aware of the role that is played by any company in society, we concentrate our sustainability strategy on both the social dimension of our own employees and of the society in general. As such, we undertake a range of activities and actions to guarantee good corporate government and the protection of the environment.

Responsible Business

Our business model aims to maximize the creation of shared value, both for the company and for our groups of interest and the communities in which we carry out our operations. To ensure this philosophy is successful, we implement management practices based on profitability, innovation, equal opportunities, ethics and sustainability.

Social Dimension

We develop measures to guarantee: equality within our organization, the integration of people at risk from social exclusion, health and safety at work, and also the management of the talent of our professionals. From an external point of view, thanks to Konecta Foundation, we assume our role as a caring corporate citizen and are actively committed to the sustainable development of our company.


We adopt and maintain a commitment to improving environmental policies and behaviour. This is demonstrated by a range of measures we have implemented, including an aim of reducing energy, paper, and toner consumption throughout the company, together with continuous actions to make our employees aware of the importance of their contribution in the preservation of all the environments in which we operate.



The standard ISO/IEC 27001 applies to the management of information technology services for supporting all of Konecta’s operations in Argentina. This standard was drawn up in order to provide an efficient model for the establishment, implementation, operation, follow-up, revision, maintenance and improvement of our Information Security Management System.

This certificate confirms that we are a world-class company and demonstrates that we have the structure and processes in place to anticipate and respond to the most demanding requirements of the industry.


We are the first Contact Centre in Latin America to achieve the Certificate at Point 3 of the COPC® PSIC standard version 5.1 on Human Resources Processes for the second consecutive year. COPC® is recognised by many in our industry as the most demanding standard in the world of Contact Centres.

COPC registered coordinators trained in Service, Inbound Productivity, Outbound Productivity and Quality, achieve well above average results, making a difference in our customer contact operation.


Konecta Argentina is the first company in Latin America to achieve the GMD (Guía de Mejora del Desempeño or Guide for Improving Performance) COPC® Certificate for its operations for the second consecutive year. Konecta has therefore successfully achieved the requirements to meet these high standards: objectives and metrics, a level of operational performance that stands out, and a sustained trend towards improvement.