Konecta, a new dimension

Strategic locations for global cover

Konecta is present in ten countries across three continents in locations that offer the best availability of qualified professionals, have the appropriate technology and infrastructure, underpinned by competitive costs.

Our strategic presence in Europe and Latin America, together with our sales offices in the United States, has increased our capacity to respond quickly to global clients in an effective and efficient manner.

Operational Centres

Our Contact Centres are located in central areas of strategic cities within each region, close to main residential areas, educational centres and business districts.
Our global network of operating sites enables our clients to increase efficiency and optimize their costs while maintaining high levels of service quality. The advantages of our global delivery model are evident: 60 operational centres distributed in Spain, EMEA and Latin America, and business offices in the United States allow the meeting of the needs of our global clients in an appropriate, immediate, efficient and profitable manner.



Offshore and Nearshore Operations

We become an extension of our clients’ companies from any of the countries in which we are present, with operational centres strategically located according to the competitive advantages of each region.

We offer effective offshore and nearshore solutions, adapting the opening hours and schedules of our employees to cover various country time zones, including North America, supported by multicultural and multilingual teams.

Our global experience and structured management model that focuses on providing cost efficiency and delivering operational excellence, allows us to replicate our solutions across every location and provide a consistent level of service according to client needs in all of our operating sites around the world.