Technology and Innovation


Konecta strives to offer its partners innovative solutions and supports this ambition by utilising state-of-the-art technologies, systems and integration with business processes, bringing greater value to the transactions of all clients.

We have built a robust ICT infrastructure that allows us to offer solution with increased levels of security and reliability. To further enhance resilience and security, our ICT infrastructure is hosted in two identical data centres in Madrid and Barcelona, under a virtualization model that guarantees system continuity.

Aware of the growing importance that businesses place on having reliable information systems in the services we offer to our clients, we deploy robust technological infrastructures such as:

  • Software services
  • Data Centre Services
  • Network Services (voice/data)
  • Contingency services


We continually develop applications tailored to the requirements and functionalities of our clients to support the delivery of their business objectives.

For example: we fully integrate back office tools with technologies supporting core frontline customer service; we custom build recovery applications to specific needs; we have developed our own CRM system.

Konecta’s flexible and adaptable IVR system has been designed to allow users to obtain and offer information automatically, through voice identification or telephone tone. This application facilitates the implementation of automated services such as Audiotext, and can query external databases and CRM systems or online host, and integration with CTI Technologies to provide smart call transfer services.

We have designed and implemented different technological architectures to be able to offer our clients a comprehensive range of telephony solutions. We are able to significantly increase the efficiency of operating telephone services and to quickly extend the operational opening hours to 24/7, whilst maintaining appropriate levels of security and privacy.

Audio Response solution provides:

  • Flexibility of interaction through phone tones and voice recognition
  • Large capacity and high processing speed
  • High Availability
  • Integration with TDM and IP technologies

Konecta has developed its own multi-channel CRM solution that results in the delivery of exceptional customer services and has implemented robust communication procedures to support this platform:

  • Multi-channel: Chat, email, fax, SMS, telephone, social media
  • Integration with telephony platforms
  • Integration with communication systems
  • Integration into the Web channel (click to call) and mobile devices (tap to call)
  • Integration with clients’ systems

ABO (BackOffice activities)
BackOffice Activities (ABO) is a dynamic web tool that we developed to provide our clients with a solution that optimises the control of tasks undertaken in BackOffice campaigns, increasing efficiency and reducing the effort.

Konecta has designed and implemented a sophisticated robotics solution that delivers considerable efficiency gains for our clients. This tool enables the automation of repetitive tasks through robots that are connected to multiple systems in order to retrieve or extract information in a controlled way.

Konecta has created Event, a software that allows information processing for Recovery, legal or face-to-face support services, securely and effectively, improving productivity and management control. It is presented as a Single Omni-channel Interactions Center that gathers all the interactions with the customer, regardless of the channel, facilitating and greatly improving the experience of end users.

Konecta’s KADs solution is a tool designed to add value to client management through an automatic data search service in different public Web sites, improving the productivity and effectiveness of the service.

This unique application was developed by Konecta to assist with the management of satisfaction surveys on behalf of our clients’ product offerings and campaigns. With this Web application we are able to design bespoke questionnaires, extract information for analysis, showing it through reports or graphically on a dashboard. Integration services are also possible, enabling us to receive survey data from other systems.

EPIRON is the first proprietary software, developed in-house, on the market that integrates all the support channels within a single CRM application. This solution has been designed to manage a large number of online and offline users, supporting multiple channels simultaneously. It has the functionality to generate smart reports (feedback and immediate feedback) for each and every interaction. In addition, the customers’ conversations and emotions can be managed by-the-minute creating a real and unique experience.

EPIRON is not only a great operational tool, but it also supports our overall management philosophy of providing specialized user support 3.0: making it a flexible, agile and effective tool tailored to the customer brand.