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SOCIAL MEDIA, the new way of interacting


Konecta recognises the increasing demand for Social Media solutions and has adapted its service offering to ensure we meet these new consumer requirements. Using our experience and expertise, we now offer innovative solutions that integrate across all channels in a single CRM to help support the needs of users of social networks.

This allows us to manage by-the-minute customer conversations via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube (along with other social networks), in addition to the traditional channels, while fulfilling consumer demands for immediacy, quality and efficiency. Each one of these interactions allows us to manage procedures, queries, complaints, suggestions, new requests for services or follow-up on existing ones.

We make the following available to our cLIENTs

  • A team of professionals with social networking experience and social analytics tools knowledge.

  • Global Services supporting numerous languages from many locations.

  • Data analysis solutions that provide deep insight and business intelligence.

  • Tools tailored to meet our clients’ needs.

  • Leading-edge technology solutions.

  • High level of bespoke reporting that allows improved monitoring and decision-making.


  • Social Networks Support
  • Creation of microsites aimed at collecting contacts and completing sales campaigns: Click to call Forms, etc.
  • Community Manager

  • Online Marketing Strategies
  • Development of specific mobile apps to manage customer service or specific sales campaigns
  • Data Analytics and Reporting