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SALES, new ways of listening to customers


Konecta is highly specialized and experienced in delivering successful multi-channel sales and communication tools, including planning and production of campaigns, analysis and control of results of direct and indirect sales processes.

Konecta works hard to support all customer demands with the new technology using powerful tools to “listen” to the end user, fully understand their interests and needs and thus offer products and services that meet their expectations.

We share our strategic vision with our clients by integrating operations, commercial, technology and HR areas

  • Technology applied to Telesales

  • Own CRM tailored to the specific needs of each client and service.
  • External CRM solution where needed by our clients.
  • Business intelligence and data mining tools.
  • Real-time reporting from service launch. Custom reports with key metrics of operational performance.
  • Multi-channel offering, including digital channels.

  • Our team

  • Specialized recruitment processes.
  • Tailored training programmes for different products and services, -adapted to include powerful sales techniques-.
  • High-energy coaching sessions and insightful feedback process.
  • Gamification to drive performance, based on commercial indicators; integrated into the CRM.

  • Thoroughness in the processes

  • Creation and evolution of commercial battle cards.
  • Specific telesales KPIs focused on efficiency and conversion rate.
  • Internal quality audits to meet the requirements of our own Telesales model.
  • Orchestrating Optimal Interactions with CX methodology.
  • Results Analysis and conclusions with our clients.

  • Consulting service

  • High degree of specialisation and experience.
  • Internal consultancy for the optimization and improvement of services.
  • External consultancy for our customers to increase the volume and quality of their sales.


  • Database Operation and leads generation through traditional channels and the Web: Click to call, call me back, etc.

  • Up-selling and cross-selling.