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FIELD MARKETING and MARKETING, positioning the brands


Konecta’s Field Marketing and Marketing departments are dedicated to providing outsourced marketing services, offering solutions across various existing sales channels, point of sale (POS) management and face-to-face customer service, including, supporting promotional events and providing hostess resources.

In line with Konecta’s philosophy of providing customer service excellence and delivering results, we fully align our clients’ objectives with our own, focusing on creating real value. To ensure we meet our clients’ expectations, we are able to draw on our numerous resources and presence throughout Spain. We also provide an innovative technology solution that offers our clients real-time monitoring and reporting; fully supported by an experience multi-skilled team that have acquired a deep understanding of challenges within a changing environment.

We have extensive experience in designing customer management strategies and sales campaigns, along with implementation, development and execution of these projects. Our knowledge and understanding has been accumulated over a number of years for services we deliver and have previously provided with many of the major Spanish brands, including the banking , insurance, utilities, retail, automotive and telecommunications sectors. All of our Field Marketing projects are supported by our Marketing division, which specialises in design, advertising, graphical and written content, audiovisual production and a comprehensive range of corporate and promotional event solutions.

SpecialiSed services

  • B2C, B2B sales force, exhibition stands, remote appointment setting and retail

  • Face-to-face customer service

  • Promotion at POS

  • POS Management: Mystery Shopping services, data collection, POS Display implementation and restocking

  • Comprehensive experience in event organization

  • Loyalty clubs and incentive programmes

  • Graphic design and advertising

  • Graphic and audiovisual production