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CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT, the true measure of great service


The specialization and multi-channel solutions that Konecta platforms are able to provide, allow us to customize and optimize each interaction with customers, both in B2B and B2C environments, enabling our clients to utilise them as a tool to build greater customer loyalty.

Speed, proximity and efficiency are the key components of our customer support model. To deliver these important elements, we have created a team of highly specialised and committed professionals, managing a wide portfolio of solutions throughout the life cycle of the relationship we have with our clients. This approach is adopted across multiple channels: telephone, web, email, WhatsApp, SMS or social networks, providing the best experiences and ones that create added value.

Through each contact with customers we gather important information in order to generate insightful business intelligence that enables us to deliver service excellence, utilising customer feedback in our decision-making to improve operational efficiencies.

We build lasting partnerships with our clients based on transparency,
honesty and trust

  • A team of dedicated professionals with the expertise and experience necessary to support all our clients’ needs.

  • Global services in different languages, that enables us to support the needs of brand users in all locations, where we operate from.

  • Using proven business intelligence methodology and data analysis to provide greater understanding of customer behaviour data and emerging trends.

  • Highly adaptable and flexible tools, adjusted to meet the needs of our clients and their customers.

  • Cutting-edge technologies to enable enhanced “data mining” processes and the enrichment of “database” management.

  • High level of reporting that allows improved monitoring and decision-making.


  • Information and sales
  • Appointment setting
  • Customer Support Service / After-sales Services
  • Switchboard Services
  • Customer Loyalty: Building strong customer relationships

  • Solving customer issues: complaints management.
  • Activation of services / products.
  • Checks: payment applications.
  • Technical Help Desk.