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BPO Solutions, essential to our corporate strategy


Our goal is to increase the efficiency and productivity of clients’ business processes, providing flexibility as an added value to facilitate greater and faster adaptation to market changes.

To support this approach, Konecta undertakes comprehensive end-to-end management practices that include the planning and implementation of front and back office internal tasks and the control of the activities carried out by the external agents.

We commit ourselves to the commercial strategy of our clients’ brands and to ensure we deliver the results they expect by taking the right decisions in order to achieve those goals. At the same time, we are passionate about improving the quality of service delivery and reducing overall operating costs, thereby maximizing the opportunities of their business.

We make the following available to our clients

  • Specialised professionals in 10 countries, with expertise gained from various industries: telecommunications, utilities, banking, insurance and other large sectors.

  • Own proprietary CRM solution, tailored to the needs of each service.

  • Continuous investment in new and emerging technological solutions.

  • On-going professional development and internal training.

  • Emphasis on quality assurance model, with regular review of quality checks.

  • Quality surveys with clients to identify areas for improvement.

  • Multi-channel solutions, including digital channels.


  • Critical business processes
  • End-to-end processes
  • Processes involving internal and external agents