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BACK OFFICE, complete end-to-end solutions


We offer our clients a complete range of end-to-end solutions that helps them optimize their business support processes. Starting with a consultation process, based on our own experience and knowledge of re-engineering processes, we improve and automate routine and repetitive operations, which allows us to reduce clients’ costs and increase efficiency, improving the quality of service provided to our clients and their customers.

Our experience in designing, implementing and consolidating Back Office processes, the expertise of our professionals, coupled with the ability to develop customized technology, enable us to provide services that significantly improve the user experience. Our solutions are tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients and are developed to ensure we are able to respond quickly to their requests, guaranteeing high levels of security of the information processed. This approach to flexibility, adaptability and personalisation is a true measurement of the exceptional partnerships we have created with our clients.

We use our own expertise of developing successful internal back-office processes to deliver the same success on behalf of our clients

  • Team of highly experienced dedicated professionals.

  • Extensive document and sensitive data management expertise.

  • Developed paper storage processes that deliver sizeable cost savings.

  • Created and implemented new methodology for locating, accessing and displaying documents.

  • Access to a variety of media options for document storage (cloud, virtualization, archiving, etc.).

  • Capability to offer Web Hosting and FTP services for easier access to documents.


  • Commercial Transactions
  • Financial transactions
  • Customer Management
  • Complaints Management (Work flow)

  • Preparation of case files
  • Document management
  • Installation services support (Work flow)