Our work is focused on delivering success for our clients

OOur focus is to deliver success on behalf of our clients by maintaining and improving our extremely high standards of quality. We immerse ourselves in our clients’ brand values and ensure we excel in the key ‘moments of truth’ with their customers, responding to their needs by providing great experiences across all points of contact.

The digital world is enabling consumers to access the services of organisations more easily, with greater flexibility and at any time of day or night. This move towards ‘instant availability on demand’ means that these companies need to continually review how to stay competitive to properly serve the demands of the modern-day digital customer. With challenges come opportunities and there is huge potential to create operational efficiencies by deploying technologies (i.e. omni-channel, single view desktop applications) that reduce customer effort and improve overall experience.

Konecta recognises these challenges and opportunities and has developed innovative, customised solutions that support the increasing demands of customers in the digital world. Our service offerings are designed to support the different needs of clients and customers across a variety of industry sectors. We build and implement highly cost-effective digital solutions that offer our clients a safe return on their investment, whilst helping them to meet and exceed the expectations of their customers.

With a client portfolio made up of internationally recognised brands across various sectors, Konecta has established itself as a reliable, secure and flexible partner able to meet the growing demands of the market.



Konecta is passionate about delivering high quality services and specialises in creating solutions that genuinely add value to all of its clients, partners and customers. We are recognised as an industry leader in the financial sector, with an enviable track record of providing innovative and unique digital services that generate exceptional outcomes. With a specific focus on providing back office and BPO solutions, we are proud to serve clients that include major multinational companies within the banking sector, who have entrusted us with the management of their business processes, across many of the countries in which we operate.

Because we strongly believe in specializing in order to go forward, we have developed a banking transaction factory to handle financial back office processes, standardising tasks and carrying them out more efficiently, allowing clients to optimize and improve their services, saving costs and enabling them to focus their attention on their customers.


In 2013 Konecta’s Telecommunications Unit (Untel) was created with the aim of offering our experience and expertise to organisations that could benefit from our deep understanding of industry challenges and our wide knowledge of providing solutions within the sector. We apply our proven global know-how to create the most appropriate solutions in order to deliver the best results when managing their needs. We operate within a robust monitoring framework that offers high levels of service efficiency and quality, which is frequently demonstrated by the high customer satisfaction rates we achieve.

Our clients include some of the most important and well known multinational companies in the industry, both in Europe and Latin America. We support them in a number of ways, including capturing new and retaining existing customers in an increasingly competitive and regulated environment. We continually surpass the expectations of increasingly demanding and transient users, who require rapid responses and solutions tailored to meet their individual needs.

Untel uses Konecta’s reporting and programming resources and tools, IT resources, along with the support of training and HR teams to ensure we deliver best industry practices. We offer a comprehensive suite of services, including: Requests for commercial information, customer loyalty and retention programmes, campaigns for the sale of products and services, recovery/collections, technical support, claims and a range of bespoke solutions to meet the changing needs of current or potential clients.


A key part of Konecta’s success in the insurance sector is our demonstrable experience of managing the full end-to-end processes of an outsourced partnership. We are able to guide clients from the very outset and have supported many clients during the initial and challenging start-up phase of their projects. Our extensive experience of management of services, specifically tailored to address the challenges of the insurance industry places us in a unique position. We currently offer more than 42 different solutions to meet clients’ needs. Our capability of creating and maintaining successful solutions is evidenced by the long-term relationships that we build; with more than 60% of our insurance clients having been in partnership with us for 6-years or more.

We offer tailored solutions across all the main areas of insurance, including: health, life, death, accidents, hospitalization, home assistance and credit and payment protection. We provide reception, issuance, back office, customer service, information, claims, retention, claims processing, recovery, loyalty, cross-selling, cold sale and interview setting, among other services.

In mid-2015 Konecta Insurance Brokerage was set up for the management of services offer by our company to the insurance sector. This is achieved through the Group companies associated with telesales (contracting, loyalty building, retention, repayment, portfolio recovery) and back office (recording policies, collection management, drawing up estimates).


In an industry where competition has grown exponentially in recent years, partly as a result of market deregulation, customer loyalty has become a key driver in the suppliers’ business objectives.

To help our clients meet these objectives, Konecta has developed a range of end-to-end solutions to support all their business processes, enabling them to differentiate against their competitors in both B2B and B2C service offerings.

Our professionals offer a tiered management approach that includes varying levels of assistance, from simple informative support regarding the services, through to more complex and specialised support, including technical helpdesk, sales, claims, customer loyalty and receivables management, as well as support in Back Office administrative tasks.

We offer our clients a range of communication methods and access to our services through multiple channels, allowing users to interact with us through their preferred medium; enabling us to achieve maximum efficiency and the highest levels of quality.

Public Sector

The transition to digital services has created a period of change and of opportunity for companies in every industry. It is widely recognised that Public Sector organisations have a particularly challenging set of circumstances. Historical ways of serving citizens are becoming obsolete with the evolution of emerging technologies and digital solutions. These new technologies and the emergence of multiple channels have created a new paradigm, and the public sector is having to respond to this fast-moving situation with speed, whilst guaranteeing the security and protecting the confidentiality of transactions.

Konecta has therefore worked closely with our partners in the public sector to help address these new challenges and enable them to meet the demands of their citizens. We have developed a number of technology-led initiatives for our public sector clients that allow them full access to comprehensive suite of ICT solutions, our infrastructure and our technical expertise.

Konecta’s extensive experience in providing a diverse number of services to clients in this sector, has enabled us to gain a deep understanding of the contrasting needs and demands of citizens. We have subsequently adapted our operations to meet these new requirements such as extending opening hours, , increasing language coverage and deploying multi-skilled agents. These initiatives are supported by the ongoing development and customization of technological solutions that help to optimize interactions with the general public, regardless of the channel of communication used.

As a result of all these combined activities, our clients are delighted with the outcomes we have achieved in this sector. We continually deliver the highest levels of performance, consistently reduced response times and have developed a comprehensive omni-channel service.

Publishing and Media

The publishing and media sector is constantly evolving and adapting to the changes in information consumption patterns which are driven by the different ways of communicating, particularly by the demands of new generations. In a market with a fairly homogeneous supply of products and services, the differentiating element to increase satisfaction and, therefore, customer loyalty, is determined by offering the best experiences to customers.

Konecta’s experience in this sector allows us to respond to these new challenges by offering end-to-end omni-channel solutions that support the full integration of services, through multiple channels and technologies. This approach means that all forms of interaction are combined with each user and include tools that enable us to undertake intensive analysis of data. This functionality provides us with important insight into customer behaviours and gives us the information needed to offer solutions of differential value to our clients.

By adopting these creative approaches to our partnerships we contribute significantly towards managing our clients’ customer processes, leading to numerous benefits for them and their end-users. For example, we have considerably increased the number of subscriptions for many clients, improved revenue streams via follow-up campaigns, increased customer loyalty and lifetime value by reducing the level of unsubscribe requests. Using sophisticated data analysis techniques, we are able to acquire a greater understanding of customers’ needs, regardless of the input channel or product type.

We continue to innovate and place great emphasis on creating solutions that offer our clients enhanced experiences and deliver greater efficiencies. We recognise that by integrating channels properly, we are able to deliver great experiences, which is the catalyst to increased satisfaction and consequently improved customer loyalty.

Distribution and Retail

The evolution of the digital age over recent years has brought a new set of challenges for organisations, whilst also offering them opportunities to differentiate against their competitors.

The immediacy and effectiveness of interaction with end users contribute enormously to success in the current environment and the challenge to achieve differentiation lies in going one step further. Providing solutions that include more complicated tasks and demand intelligence, delivered with a human touch, enables Konecta to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Our experience of delivering high quality services over almost two decades can be summarised as: providing end-to-end management of the client-user relationship, with extensive experience in customer service and back office operations, based on best management practices, supported by technological innovation. Our mission is to help our customer achieve their goals, improve their results and create value for their business.

And we continue to innovate and offer our customers ever more efficient solutions, we know that integrating channels and experiences is a catalyst for increasing satisfaction and therefore, the loyalty of the end customer.

Pharmaceutical industry

Within the framework of the current economy, the health sector faces a number of important challenges, such as the need for substantial investment in research and development, whilst at the same time, ensuring profitability in order to guarantee sustainability. These pressures are amplified under the requirement of adhere to strict legal regulations and the continuously changing market demands for competitiveness. In the light of this reality, the majority of pharmaceutical companies share a single goal: to improve the productivity of their operations and to generate greater value in the entire product chain.

Konecta, aware that it is a sensitive sector, places significant focus on and importance in providing excellent levels of customer service, both in day-to-day management and in situations that require particularly agile and flexible responses. To ensure we are able to meet this demanding environment, we rely on the experience accumulated over nearly two decades of delivering outstanding customer service. Our people are highly skilled in providing customer service excellence in all of the solutions we offer, across the whole range of BPO services. We operate using best management practices, supported by highly customized technology solutions that facilitate easy integration with the tools of our clients, optimizing the time dedicated to each of the processes, thereby obtaining a unique multi-channel experience.

Our mission is to help our clients to achieve their goals, improve their results and create value for their business.


Konecta has launched a project of global reconversion of services, supported by the creation of a Transversal Efficiency Unit to model and proceduralize services, which results in a greater efficiency of services and offers a greater value to our clients.

The objective is to identify, prioritize and structure the areas of improvement, quantifying the associated costs and potential benefits for the business. In a highly competitive market, in which companies impose on service suppliers their own goals of cost rationalization and productivity increase and, therefore, profitability increase, operational efficiency becomes an especially important focus. In practice this translates into:

  • Optimising the management of services and resources, making us faster and more effective.
  • Consolidating a procedure for the effective monitoring of the indicators, quickly identifying and evaluating the deviations and their impact, as well as the steps to be taken for their correction.
  • Developing proposals for the redesign of processes and alternative management channels that simplify and shorten solution times ensuring the satisfaction of the end customer.
  • Ensuring the quality of the service delivered and the value of the products and services offered.
  • Checking and searching for organisational efficiency of our operational structures, with an in-depth analysis of functions and tasks.
  • Promoting the enforcement of new management and administrative models in consolidated services.
  • Providing support to our clients in the transformation of their services.

Understanding Customer Experience

In a business environment in full transformation, we provide added value to our clients, by focusing on enhancing service experience through listening and providing effective responses to users. We adopt a highly flexible approach that addresses any performance issues to ensure we create a positive impact on customers’ perception, encouraging them to become promoters of the client brand.

For this purpose we have developed an application that measures customers’ experiences in an effective manner, with simple and adaptable technological support. We have consolidated the key elements of this process under the banner of Konecta Customer Experience Management (KCEM).

Based on an immediate feedback, KCEM provides objective and relevant information about what customers really want and the experience they have when interacting with the brands. This incorporates an alert system designed to offer a simple monitoring operation at a truly competitive cost.

Preparing, measuring, displaying and accessing real-time results is only a small part of delivering a good service; building great customer experiences means directly addressing the situations that are generating dissatisfaction. We overcome these challenges by implementing appropriate actions, often deployed at very short notice and at a low cost; KCEM brings together all these variables and has also been developed to adapt to the changing needs of our clients and their customers.

Omni-channel Solutions for Integrated services

We support our clients in their digital transformation projects by helping them to find the most efficient way to connect with the new generations of users and to meet their needs. Additionally, we offer alternative methods of interaction for more traditional customers who request the coexistence of “on and off line” channels.

We respond to this new reality by offering solutions that integrate multiple channel and data technologies to provide choice of access to customers and comprehensive customer insight to our clients, delivering tangible differential value.

We continue to innovate by offering our customers increasingly efficient solutions. We know that integrating channels and experiences is the catalyst to increased satisfaction and ultimately the loyalty of the end customer.

We combine this strategy with the development of specialised vertical solutions to meet the demand of the various sectors in which we operate.  To do this, we have integrated two proprietary tools, EPIRON and KCRM, in the process creating the first software that integrates on/off line channels in the same CRM platform, fully designed to manage a large number of users, with the capability to generate smart reports and immediate feedback in every case.

EPIRON/KCRM allows us to manage by-the-minute customers’ conversations through multiple channels (phone, email, chats, SMS) and social networks (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google +, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Foursquare).