konecta consigue buenos resultados en 2019
  • The Spanish multinational continued to grow in 2019 at a rate of 10%, in terms of constant currency, with a turnover of EUR 838 million
  • The company has continued to invest in new capabilities: innovation, multilingual services and “nearshore”, and strengthened its position in markets such as Brazil, Spain, Portugal and Morocco respectively, with great acceptance, both from traditional customers and from the new economy
  • The results show the success resulting from the combination of the company’s human potential and its technological capabilities, with plans to continue growing with an organic investment plan for the next three years
  • The Konecta Group is one of the leading Spanish job-creating companies, with 65% of its workforce made up of women

Konecta, the multinational technology company, continues to expand and grow as a leader in integrated BPO and customer experience solutions. The Spanish company closed the year 2019 with a turnover of 838 million EUR, which means a 10% increase over 2018, in constant currency terms.

After the investment led by the President of Konecta, Mr. José Maria Pacheco, along with the Board of Directors and the ICG Fund, the company managed to accelerate its strategic commitment to sustainable and profitable growth and innovation.

Throughout the year, investments were made to reinforce the global Innovation and SW division, with centres in Colombia, Brazil and Spain. These efforts are still yielding very good results, with advanced cognitive and process automation solutions.

Inorganically, the acquisitions of Uranet in Brazil (now Konecta Brazil) and of the Galician company SUMTALK (already integrated into Konecta) have brought about new solutions, know-how and customers. Said acquisitions have added to the opening of new operational centres in Spain, Morocco and Portugal, which amount to a total of 75 centres today.

Mr. Jesus Vidal Barrio, CEO of Konecta, welcomes the company’s growth and long-term plans: “In 2019, we continued to strengthen our capabilities in many areas, while delivering good results, and we remain committed to our customers to deliver the most advanced solutions. The response from our customers, when it comes to implementing innovative solutions for processes and relationships that have to do with their customers, is increasingly positive.”

The figures obtained reflect Konecta’s profitable and sustainable growth, and confirm the muscle of the company to push forward all the projects and expansion plans set out by the Board of Directors, led by Mr. Pacheco. The organic investment plans for the next three years prioritise advanced solutions, such as Konecta Cloud, or e-commerce solutions, and Konecta remains fully open to additional hand-picked consolidation operations.

Konecta continues to advance its leadership as a “Business Services” company, capitalising technology through people. To that end, the company focuses its strategy on innovation and technology with a distinctive approach, based on people management and quality of service. Konecta, as a long-term industrial project, is determined to remain a leader in the industry, and continue to provide new services for both existing customers, as well as for others with new demands stemming from the ‘digital economy’, reflected in an investment and growth business plan.

Latin America is the region where Konecta obtains more than 50% of its turnover, and is still regarded as an area of strong growth in the coming years. The latest acquisition of the Konecta Group in the region was that of Brazilian technology company, Uranet.

Mr. Jesus Vidal Barrio confirms that the goal of the company is intensifying its expansion and customer base: “We remain focused on growing, either with existing customers, expanding our service offer, increasingly leveraging automation, combining technological solutions and our operational capacity; or with new customers who need solutions for building customer relationships.”

The expansion involves an increase in services and their focus on innovation and creation of new technological solutions and tools to improve the services delivered to over 300 corporate clients in 9 countries in which the company operates so far. Solutions based on artificial intelligence and automation with a highly qualified and specialised team, are the basic pillars of our business model.

The Konecta Group is one of the leading Spanish job-creating companies. In late February, 65,245 people made up the staff of the multinational. Of this figure, 43,275 employees were women, namely, more than 66% of the total staff.

Konecta Foundation

These results go hand in hand with a successful sustainable corporate Responsibility strategy, evidenced by the results of the Konecta Foundation over its 15 years of existence. Konecta has invested over 11 million EUR in social projects, which have benefited nearly 40,000 people at risk of exclusion living in the countries in which the company operates. Since 2017, a total of 760 organisations and almost 3,500 volunteers collaborate with Konecta’s social responsibility activities, following the implementation of its Corporate Responsibility System to support the creation of shared value for its stakeholders.

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