Continuing with its international expansion process and keeping at the forefront of technology are among Konecta’s challenges for 2017Madrid, July 3, 2017. Konecta, the Spanish multinational leading company in integrated BPO and Customer Relations services, opened a dedicated Innovation Office with the aim of leading the challenge of keeping the company at the forefront of technology to adapt to the new reality of the markets, and support its clients in their process towards digital transformation.This new unit, in addition to Konecta Software Factory, will provide the most efficient mechanisms to connect with new generations of customers, meet their needs and expectations, while continuing to develop interaction alternatives to more traditional clients who prefer off-line channels.

Now that the size of the objectives set within its strategic plan has been reached, and its position as a world leader in the sector has been consolidated, Konecta’s President, Mr. José María Pacheco, said that the roadmap of the Spanish multinational focuses on advancing in digital transformation, creating to this end a dedicated unit and increasing investments in RDI for the development of innovative technological tools adapted to the market trends, as well as in the training of professionals to offer customers the best portfolio of services.

Tools such as Event, a solution that covers the entire life cycle of recovery through multiple channels and technologies, which currently manages 30 different portfolios with a volume of one million records; K-Bots, which allows automation of routine processes and seamless integration between different systems with over 300 robots running 15 million automatic processes; Game-K, an application focused on the philosophy of gamification to motivate recovery and Telesales campaigns agents, which has achieved increases of up to 50% of the AOTs–Average Operating Times- and a 30% reduction in downtime, are among Konecta’s recently-developed solutions that, together with its experience in “social media” and “self-service vocal and visual” solutions, provide the company with a significant differential value.

Also, Konecta is making rapid progress in the integration of two powerful tools: KCRM (Kontacta CRM) -used by 8,000 agents managing 150 million interactions in 2016, and Epiron, -with 7 million transactions for 1.2 million different users over the past year-. This will be the first software to integrate on-line and off-line in a single CRM, and is designed to manage a high volume of users through the traditional channels: telephone, e-mail, chat or SMS; and social networks, like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google +, LinkedIn, WhatsApp or Foursquare, while generating intelligent reports: feedback and immediate feedback.

All of these solutions, combined with a set of expert consultants and professionals, specialized in the mapping and simplification of processes, will allow the new Konecta’s Digital transformation and Efficiency Unit to offer Win-Win projects to its customers, based on long-term relationships that generate improvements in efficiency and productivity, supported by the evolution of the new digital channels.

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