Customer Experience
  • The Spanish multinational closed 2018 with a record turnover of €831 million, namely an 8% growth.
  • The company has solid foundations that allow for further growth in terms of customers and territories, thanks to its strong focus on innovation, technology, and a highly qualified team.
  • Konecta Group is one of the leading Spanish companies in terms of job creation, and more than 65% of its staff are women.


Madrid, April 10th, 2018. Konecta, the multinational technology company, has consolidated and increased its strength as the leader in integrated BPO and Customer Experience solutions. The Spanish company closed 2018 with yet another turnover record, €831 million, which accounts for an 8% increase with respect to 2017.


Jesus Barrio Vidal, Konecta’s CEO, welcomes the growth of the company: “The results for the year 2018 reflect Konecta’s efforts and commitment towards its customers to continue to deliver the most advanced solutions. The response from our customers to implement innovative solutions for brand-customers interactions is increasingly positive”.


Konecta’s figures reflect a profitable and sustainable growth, and confirm the strength of the company to advance all projects and the expansion plans set forth by the new Board of Directors led by José María Pacheco. Konecta has focused, for a long time now, on becoming a major player in the reality of the 4.0 Revolution and the Business Services sector. And in this new dimension, the company is targeting its strategy to be at the forefront of the sector worldwide, in innovation, technology, and customer experience processes, relying at all times on differentiation, from a people management and service quality perspective.


Konecta, as a long-term industrial project, is focused on strengthening its leading position in the industry and continuing to deliver new services and opportunities for both existing customers and those new ones coming from the demand produced by ‘digital economy’, materialized in an investment and growth business plan.


Latin America is the region where Konecta (leader in Colombia and among the top suppliers in Argentina, Peru, Chile, Mexico and Brazil) makes 60% of its turnover, and is still considered an area of strong expansion in the following years. Konecta Group’s last acquisition was this 2019, with the takeover of the Brazilian technology company, Uranet.


Jesus Barrio Vidal confirms that Konecta’s goal is intensifying customer expansion and base: “We remain focused on growing along existing customers, expanding our services through an increasingly automation-leveraged portfolio, solutions based on technology and operational capacity, or new customers in need of solutions for their customer relations”.


This expansion requires increasing the number of services and focus on innovation and creation of new technological solutions and tools to improve services to over 200 corporate clients of the 10 countries in which Konecta currently operates. Solutions based on artificial intelligence and automation with a highly qualified and specialized team, are the basic pillars in the business model.


Last year, Konecta made significant progress in digital transformation processes, with a multidimensional view, with an increase in R&D&I investments and the consolidation of its Digital Transformation and Efficiency Unit, created in 2017. In the same vein, Konecta’s Software Factory Laboratory in Medellin (Colombia) works at full capacity with more than 100 engineers and data scientists who design all kinds of technological solutions with artificial intelligence, as a hub for demand from different sectors and future business development.


Konecta Group is one of the leading Spanish companies in terms of job creation. At the end of February, 62,348 people were part of the company’s staff, 41,209 of whom are women, namely, more than 65% of the total staff.


These results go hand in hand with a sustainable corporate responsibility strategy, evidenced by the performance of the Konecta Foundation throughout its 14 years of existence. Konecta has invested over €10 million in social projects, with nearly 40,000 people at risk of exclusion who have benefited in the countries in which the Foundation operates. There are 760 organizations and almost 3,500 volunteers who collaborate with Konecta’s social responsibility activities, which since 2017 implemented its Corporate Responsibility System in order to support the creation of shared value for its stakeholders.