objetivos de negocio de Konecta, cumplidos en 2017
  • The Spanish multinational closes 2017 with a turnover of €770 million, as a result of its sustained organic growth, and the full integration of Allus and B-Connect into its Latin American business.
  • Over the past year, the company launched a Digital Transformation and Efficiency Unit, as well as Konecta Software Factory, its center for technological innovation in Medellin.
  • Looking ahead, Konecta will keep on searching for opportunities that favor its growth in the American, Brazilian, and European markets, to allow Konecta to meet its goal of ranking among the top world’s five companies in the sector.

Madrid, January 31, 2018. In line with its strategic plan, Konecta, the leading Spanish multinational in the provision of BPO and Customer Relations comprehensive solutions, continues to exceed its business objectives after closing 2017 with a turnover of €770 million -70% of which comes mainly from its international business-, and a staff close to 59,000 employees worldwide, 33,000 of which are permanent, as a result of a sustained organic growth and the full integration of Allus and B-Connect into its Latin American business.

With these results, the company strengthens its position in the world market as part of the ten top companies in the sector, maintains its leading position in Spain and Colombia, and ranks among the three leading providers of BPO services in Peru and Argentina.

Konecta’s ability to respond to the evolution of the market by significantly investing in technology to move from the traditional Contact Center towards the Intelligence Experience Center, a business model combining automation with empathy, negotiation and flexibility skills in the team, thus adding greater value for customers, has been key in this process.

During 2017, the company has made progress in its digital transformation process with a multidimensional vision that includes the creation of a specialized unit in this area, the increase in R & D investments for the development of innovative technology tools, the incorporation of “social media” and “vocal and visual self-service” solutions aligned with customer strategies, and the integration of omnichannel-oriented products. Furthermore, by mid-2017, Konecta Software Factory opened in Medellín. This innovation center is aimed at designing all kinds of technological solutions to meet the demands of different sectors, and the development of the business in the coming years.

These results go hand in hand with a sustainable Corporate Responsibility Strategy, evidenced in the Konecta Foundation results throughout its 13 years of existence, with an investment of €9 million in social projects, and the integration of more than 6,000 people in risk of exclusion in the countries in which it is present. In addition, the company introduced its Corporate Responsibility System to support the creation of shared value for its stakeholders throughout 2017.

For the short and medium term, Konecta’s strategy expects to underpin its position in Latin America, with the purpose of consolidating the region as an area of strong expansion for the next few years, and to explore further opportunities for growth in Europe, Brazil, and the United States, that enable the company to fulfill its goal of ranking among the world’s top five companies in the sector.

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