Sum Talk
  • This takeover represents an enhancement in the current solutions portfolio for e-commerce customers, through the delivery of innovative omni-channel solutions leveraging on its SW CRM technology.
  • Konecta continues to diversify its customers and services in the e-retail sector, where the outsourcing of CRM services is experiencing a significant growth.


Konecta recently acquired SUM TALK, thus strengthening its leadership in Spain, both in terms of capacities and diversification, as well as of expansion of its customer base.

The technological multinational, leader in integrated BPO and Customer Relationship solutions, continues to implement its strategic plan and expanding its solutions for customers in different sectors.

SUM TALK, a Galician-founded company with a turnover of 23 million in 2018 and a growth of 10%, has about 1,000 employees and currently serves companies such as Inditex, Abanca or Metlife, among others.

Konecta’s expansion plan focuses on continuing to grow selectively to meet the growing demand for omni-channel-based CRM services and solutions, simplifying more efficient and automated processes to improve customer experience.

Sum Talk is Konecta’s second acquisition since last January, when the company led by José María Pacheco acquired the Brazilian company, Uranet. In this regard, the integration of ‘Uranet agora and Konecta’ has been a success in Brazil, as it has allowed for the deployment of the InterGRALL digital platform in all of its operating markets. This platform includes advanced tools that improve customer experience with cloud, omni-channel and workflow process management services.

Konecta’s president has expressed on several occasions that the aim of the company is to grow and thus, build on its power and vision to acquire companies that add value in sectors such as the retail, mobility, and the technology industry, which encompasses artificial intelligence, automation or digital marketing.

In the context of innovation models and within the framework of the agreements reached with the SUM Group, Konecta signed a strategic alliance with SUM DIGITAL that boosts its joint service portfolio in Digital Marketing, improvements in Customer Experience, as well as in “BOTS” project solutions and e-commerce customer-oriented data analytics.

Another pillar in Konecta’s strategy is the development of the company’s Internal Innovation Acceleration Plan, which is based on exploiting current capabilities: Software Factory in Colombia, Software customer relationship KCRM, CRM tool in EPIRON social networks, data analytics, as well as on process automation solutions…

Jesus Vidal Barrio, CEO of Konecta Group, explains that, with the acquisition of Sum Talk, “Konecta gains access to a pool of talent and solutions that we intend to deploy among all our e-commerce customers and seeks ways to benefit our entire customer base by means of cross fertilization”.


The Andalusian-born Spanish leading multinational, which employs more than 65,000 people and operates in 10 countries, has consolidated its leadership in the field of technological innovation and business process outsourcing services with record turnover figures. The company’s spectacular growth is strongly determined by its presence in the Latin American market, where it already holds a leading position in Colombia and is among the top companies in the technological market in Peru, Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Brazil.
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