konecta cloud
  • Konecta presents “Konecta Cloud“, a new and fully digital cloud-based Contact Center initiative, with a comprehensive ecosystem of applications designed to improve customer experience.
  • An agile, secure and scalable solution that will bring the “WfH” (Work from Home) model to the next level, improving efficiency, quality of services and contributing to sustainability.
  • Konecta Cloud will enable an innovative working model that is more attractive and valuable when it comes to attracting the best talent in each market.
  • A talent management model that includes our experts, now in a command center created to support agents to achieve their goals in every interaction.

With Konecta Cloud, our company, specialized in the delivery of BPO and Customer Experience services reinforces its leadership in capabilities and the diversification and expansion of its customer base. This initiative allows Konecta to bring two innovative value proposals, based on a fully digital cloud-based model to the market: “Business Services”, focused on delivering the power of Konecta, now from home, and “Digital Technologies”, focused on the delivery of technological solutions for the Contact Center Cloud. Both proposals seamlessly combine technological innovation and the value of people, with the aim of improving the customer-company relationship for any contact channel.

The solutions presented to the market in the first phase concentrate on a model in which agents work from different locations, “Work Anywhere Agents” (WA+), and provide advice, sales, support, collection, or back office services remotely, with the highest quality, efficiency and security standards. This teleworking management model for Contact Centers will now be a structural part of the solutions provided by Konecta to its customers. This solution consolidates the company’s capabilities for business continuity and a more flexible offer with new agile and innovative models.

Nowadays, Konecta has 45,000 experts and agents worldwide, working remotely for their customers.  Konecta Cloud will offer employment to a larger portion of the workforce while accessing a greater talent pool, thanks to its more flexible and customizable work models, aligned with the capabilities of employees, thus achieving greater employee satisfaction, and improving productivity and quality of the services provided. This model triggers new training and coaching processes, aimed at preparing employees for providing customer management services and tailored expert advice to customers in all areas of activity, such as e-commerce, financial services, telecommunications, energy services and distribution companies, food, utilities, education, health, etc.

The company has accelerated its investment plan in innovation, so that Konecta Cloud manages to pull together all these capabilities, generating added value to customers, employees and investors; and ensuring the proper use of resources, which will translate into an overall positive impact on society, supporting the economic performance of the countries where Konecta operates, and ensuring business continuity to all customers.

The characteristics of this model allow greater flexibility in operations and production models that will yield better results, reflected in key service indicators.  In March, the average growth of customer recommendation after interacting with Konecta, grew by 5.36% in terms of NPS (“net promoter score”). The “Customer Effort Score” (CES) amounted to 6.60%, and is a true reflection of the successful management and the adaptations made, both at the operational and customer levels. The “First Contact Resolution” (FCR) and satisfaction scores showed an increase of 1.51% and 2.36%, respectively. Therefore, we can conclude that the impact on experience has been positive.

Konecta Cloud integrates all of its signature tools in its Cloud platform, namely, KCRM, a contact management and CRM customer relationship application, EPIRON, for managing interactions on social networks, ANALITIKA, a modeling, data analytics and forecasting tool; as well as cognitive and artificial intelligence solutions applied to Contact Centers: EVENT, a comprehensive solution for recovery management services, or INTERGRALL,  a comprehensive orchestration solution for applications, interactions and processes deployable in Contact centers and Retail. This ecosystem of solutions is aimed at the end-to-end management of the “Customer Journey”, allowing for the promotion of the most appropriate contact channel (voice, e-mail, chat, SMS, WhatsApp or social media) at all times, considering conversion, transaction costs, and business outcome.

Konecta thus extends its value proposition with the delivery of consulting services, including the deployment and integration of systems to help companies achieve the best possible results, by providing highly personalized cloud-based customer experiences. These services are integrated into the “Digital Technologies” proposal and, to that end, Konecta signed a strategic alliance with Genesys®, a global leader in contact center solutions and customer experience in the cloud. This will allow Konecta to market, implement and maintain its contact center solution in the leading cloud platform of the industry, Genesys Cloud.

Konecta Cloud was designed to maximize scalability, reliability and security, and will use, for this purpose, the infrastructure and cloud computing solutions provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS), including AWS Workspaces, AWS Transit Gateway or AWS Lambda. Among the investments made by Konecta is the creation of a team of experts in architecture and cloud security, to ensure compliance with the security criteria for each service launched, from a holistic approach: from conceptualization, to design and operation.

In this vein, Konecta’s CEO, Mr. Jesus Barrio Vidal, stated: “The paradigm shift is now consolidated, society interacts differently and does so mainly through digital technologies. A clear example is the upturn of e-commerce, which will continue to grow, and thus will require remote support and operations. With this in mind, we’ve built a management control model that enhances the quality of the agents’ work, performance and productivity.  We are talking about a new way to manage projects, with a more collaborative approach and teams working from different locations.  This new model brings great benefits, for instance, flexibility and this is the reason why this new model will become a solution that complements the existing ones, rather than a residual option. Konecta Cloud comes to life to complement our current value offer to develop our expansion plan for supporting large companies on their journey to this new digital Work from Home model. Our goal is clear, we move along this path with determination and confidence, making sure that every step we make is a solid one.”

For more information, visit www.konecta.cloud

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