Cookies policy

Cookies are small files that are installed on the user’s computer at the request of the Web page and are used to enable the Web service to perform certain functions.

This Web service uses cookies of its own and third-party cookies to maintain the session of the user accessing the service (technical cookies), to customize the options chosen by the user (Customization cookies), to perform a statistical analysis of the use of this Web service, Analytical cookies, and social networking cookies. Also, when interacting with third-party Web services provided to Konecta, which can be accessed from this Web service, cookies for these services are used (third-party cookies).

We will now explain the cookies that are used in this Web service, which is their use, their purpose and the possible consequences if disabled:

Technical cookies are used to maintain the session of the Web service user and are especially useful in maintaining the session in restricted access areas accessed by means of a previously authenticated username. Therefore, cookie installation needs to be enabled on the browser to allow the Web service to work properly. For this reason, if you have disabled browser cookie installation, this Web service will not work properly. Once the user ends their session, the session cookie will no longer be useful and is deleted.

Customization cookies are used so that your browser can remember your preferences (for example, that you have already responded to a certain warning, the chosen language, preferred options, etc …); this cookie is stored on your computer and does not identify you as a Web service user; therefore, if you access the service from another computer terminal, your preferences cannot be known as this cookie is not installed on that terminal. If you cookie installation is disabled, your Web service preferences will not be stored on your computer terminal and therefore each time you access the service you must choose them anew.

Analytical cookies: They are used to measure and analyse the browsing of Web service users and in this way it is possible to study and improve the offer of products or services available. Analytical cookies do not collect personal information from the user, the information that is obtained relates to the number of users who access the Web, the number of pages visited, the frequency and repetition of visits, their duration, the browser used, the operator providing the service, the browsing language, the terminal used and/or the city to which the IP address of the terminal is assigned. To perform the analytical service, this Web page uses Google Analytics, a Web analytics service developed by Google, which provides a browsing measurement and analysis services on our website. More information about Google Analytics at: If this type of cookie is disabled, the page will not perform a statistical analysis, but it will function correctly.

Social networks Cookies: Third-party cookies used so that the user can interact with the various social networks referenced on this Web page (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Map, etc. ..). The terms of use of these cookies and the information collected are regulated by the privacy and cookie policies of each social network. If cookie installation is disabled, you will not be able to interact with the various social networks, but the public information of the Web service will be shown.

Please note that none of the cookies used store user identification information, such as names, surnames, email or postal address, etc., nor are they used to obtain or access user information.

In addition, users who do not want cookies to be installed on their computer (which in this particular case means that certain services will not function correctly) or want to be informed when a cookie is to be installed on their computer, may set their browser to work in that way. It is also reported that users will be able to delete all cookies generated on their computer at any time.